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Welcome to Curio Insights, the podcast channel where we share our discussions, conversations and webinars audio. Check out our episodes where we chat with industry experts, students, facilitators and academics about anything education-related from CPD, transitioning to online as a student and as an educator to plans for future university campuses. Curio is an international education consulting and services company operating across Australia, Asia and the UK. We advise organisations in learning online then partner in the design, development and delivery of exceptional learning experiences and education products. Making the Financial Times Fastest Growing companies in 2021, Curio has grown to over 210 people in just five years. Our global presence includes offices in London, Sydney, Melbourne, and Austin, Texas, with emerging outposts in Shanghai and Hong Kong.Find us here:Website: www.curio.coLinkedIn: Facebook: us at hello@curio.coTo stay updated, sign up to our mailing list: